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eTA is a travel authorization issued by Canadian Immigration to anyone who is considered exempt from applying for a new Canadian tourist visa. This authorization is only valid for entry into Canada by air. The application process is carried out electronically and is normally issued within 48 hours. The validity is 5 years (or until the validity of your passport, whichever comes first) for multiple entries with a maximum duration of 6 months per entry.
This type of visa is required for those who wish to visit the country, participate in business meetings, events and courses of up to 24 weeks in duration. The V1 normally allows multiple entries into the country and can be valid for up to 10 years, allowing it to remain for a maximum of 6 months for each entry. The entire application process can be done online. If you need to stay in Canada for a period longer than 6 months, you can request an extension of visitor status (Visitor Record), preferably up to 30 days before the expiration date.
The Visitor Record is a status document issued to foreign visitors who are in Canada and wish to extend their stay. It specifies the conditions and period of validity of your temporary stay in Canada. A Visitor Record may be issued to extend or limit the length of stay of a temporary Canadian resident and specify the conditions applicable to the temporary resident during their stay.
The PG-1 is known by different names (super visa, parent and grandparent visa) and is an exclusive visa for family members who wish to visit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. This visa allows the family member to stay in the country for up to 2 years after entering, that is, without the need to extend the status as a visitor for up to 2 years. Visa validity varies. To apply for this visa, the citizen or permanent resident must meet certain criteria stipulated by Canadian Immigration.
The VH-1 is for Foreign Nationals who will have long connection flights in Canada, on their way to or from another country, allowing them to transit through Canada for up to 48 hours. With this visa, tourists can stop to visit the arrival city during their flight connection period.
Suitable for professionals who will spend little time in Canada to do business, visit companies or participate in events or employees being sent on a temporary basis to Canada by their overseas employer in whose payroll they will continue to remain on. To apply for this visa, it is necessary to have a document from the company that contains the activity to be carried out in Canada. For work permit-exempt jobs, ideally coding would be B-1 or WX-1; however, if the visa is coded V-1, this would have no legal impact on the foreign national’s ability (or inability) to work without a permit.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Visitor Visa

Frequently Asked Questions About Visitor Visa

Dependents can be included up to 22 years of age.

The financial value to be proven varies according to the number of applicants in the same application. For one person applying, we recommend proving a minimum value of CAD$15,000 . If there are other dependents on the application, the value increases. This does not mean that you will spend the entire amount, but it will help to prove that you have enough income to spend your vacation in Canada.

Canadian Immigration does not work with deadlines, only with estimated processing times. What we have observed is that the processing time has varied a lot, depending on several factors, such as type of application, number of applicants, etc.

Brazilians are eligible to apply for an eTA as long as they have held a Canadian visa for the past 10 years or have a valid US visa.

An eTA allows a person to enter Canada as a tourist/visitor for a period of up to 6 months from the date of entry into the country.

You can check the status of your eTA via the


Normally the visitor visa is approved with 10 years of validity. However, the permissible length of stay in the country after each entry is up to 6 months.

To extend your visitor status you must apply within Canada for a Visitor Record.

In theory there is no limit to apply for new visitor status extensions, you can apply as many times as you want, but it is important to keep in mind that with each new application the chances of approval are decreasing.

No. If your status has expired or if you received a denial and consequently your status has expired, you are out of status until you receive a response from the restore application.

In situations like this, it will depend on the official in charge of your case. What we see happening a lot is, if the application is approved, they validate the VR until the end of the current month or the following month.

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