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We are TFA Immigration, a consulting company that has been working for more than 5 years with various immigration programs to Canada, being recognized in the Canadian market for our strategic consultancy and humanized assistance.

Together with our team we may find the best way for you to be able to immigrate to Canada.

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Meet Terry, TFA CEO & Immigration Consultant

A Canadian born, son of immigrants, who for 8 years has been helping people in pursuit of their dream of living in Canada.

Canadian by birth and son of immigrants who at first lived illegally in Canada, he shared the struggle for the lack of proper documentation, experiencing for a long time the pressure of having to legalize them to ensure their tranquility and safety.

“After I graduated in political science, I felt that not only could, but also needed to help other people who are going through the same situation, and have the dream of building a better life in Canada.”

Today, in his 8 years of experience as an immigration consultant, he is qualified as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to assist those hoping to leave their home country to transform their history in Canada.

Meet Stephanie, our Immigration Consultant

Graduated in 2018 in Immigration Consultant Diploma – with Honours, Stephanie Falcão is the daughter of Brazilian immigrants, but Canadian by birth.

Throughout her life she has lived in countries such as Mexico and Portugal. All this experience around the world, also brought different fluency in 3 languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Stephanie has experience working in the immigration sector since 2017, but it was in January 2019 that she became a Regulated Immigration Consultant for the Canadian government and today she dedicates herself building the best strategy to help people to come to Canada to immigrate, study, work or just visit.

Meet Lina, our Senior Immigration Consultant

Maria Melo (Lina Melo) graduated in Law in Brazil and moved to Canada in 1989, where she started working in the Canadian Immigration Law field associated with Mr. Weisdorf, a former Immigration Judge.

She has over 30 years of legal advice experience in Canada, when she obtained several degrees in the fields of administration and Canadian law. Immigration and Paralegal Consultant duly licensed by The Law Society of Upper Canada, Lina has been nominated on numerous occasions in deference to service provided in various communities.

Lina Melo bases her work on honesty and professionalism, putting herself in each client’s shoes, and always offering the best option for those who dream of immigrating to Canada.

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Starting the Canada project with good planning and correct direction according to your personal objective makes all the difference.

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