In a recent interview, the Canadian immigration minister revealed that he is working on a new TR to PR Pathway format to be released by September 2022.

In 2021, the TR to PR Pathway gave in 2021 the possibility for 90,000 essential workers and international students to apply for permanent residency. Fraser mentioned that the new program will not be identical to the old one. He also said that he is working under a tight 4-month schedule set out in a motion passed by the House of Commons last month, which leads us to believe that the new program will be released by September of this year.

According to the notes released from the Motion 44, the government must develop and publicly disclose within 120 days of the approval of motion 44 passed on May 11,  to expand the flow of economic immigration by creating new pathways to permanent residency for workers temporary foreigners, including international students, with significant Canadian work experience in sectors with persistent labor shortages, and such a plan must incorporate the following elements:

(a) amending eligibility criteria under economic immigration programs to give more weight to significant in-Canada work experience and expand the eligible occupational categories and work experience at various skills levels;

(b) examining evidence and data gathered from recent programs such as Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway, Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), Rural and Northern Immigration Program (RNIP), and Agri-Food Pilot, and Provincial Nominee Process (PNP);

(c) incorporating data on labour market and skills shortages to align policy on immigrant-selection with persistent labour gaps;

(d) assessing ways to increase geographic distribution of immigration and encourage immigrant retention in smaller communities, as well as increase Francophone immigration outside Quebec;

(e) identifying mechanisms for ensuring flexibility in immigration-selection tools to react quicker to changes in labour market needs and regional economic priorities; and

(f) specifically considering occupations and essential sectors that are underrepresented in current economic immigration programs, such as health services, caregivers, agriculture, manufacturing, service industry, trades, and transportation.




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